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Turbochargers Vs Superchargers.

icon/user/avatar/20 Created with Sketch. By Viktor Kalutsky

No matter what you choose, both of those features were designed by engineers to get more power to the engine without having to make the engine bigger. Turbochargers and Superchargers are two of the most common options used in many vehicles on the market such as Dodges, Jeeps, Subarus and more. Today we will give you some pros and cons of having something like that in your vehicle, then the choice is yours.


“Differences between Superchargers vs Turbochargers.” MechStuff, 16 Dec. 2017,


Turbochargers: A turbocharger, colloquially known as a turbo, is a turbine-driven, forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine's efficiency and power output by forcing extra compressed air into the combustion chamber. ... Twincharger refers to an engine with both a supercharger and a turbocharger.”


Superchargers: “A supercharger is an air compressor that increases the pressure or density of air supplied to an internal combustion engine. This gives each intake cycle of the engine more oxygen, letting it burn more fuel and do more work, thus increasing power..”


Turbocharger Pros

  • Increases horsepower

  • Allows small engines to produce more horsepower

  • Runs off energy that would be wasted if there was no turbocharger

Supercharger Pros

  • Increases power of the vehicle

  • No lag instant power

  • Not incredibly expensive

  • Don't need high RPMs to get a boost

Turbocharger Cons

  • Turbo lag so have to be at certain rpm to get it spooling

  • Requires more oil

  • When kicks in you can it comes all at once which can cause a lot of traction loss.

Supercharger Cons

  • Less efficient and are run by the engines which take up more gas

  • It will make your engine less reliable if the internals is not upgraded.



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