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How do Headlights work?

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Headlights were first introduced in 1880 in more of a lamp version which had to be lit by the driver when it turned dark if you wanted to see something, which wasn't practical because if you forgot your matches or lighter you can’t drive. In 1898 was when the game totally changed because of the introduction of electric headlights which was an option so still not available to the public. In 1912 was the day that Cadillac integrated modern electrical system into automobiles, after that it became standard practice for the vehicle.


“Automotive Chipsets - High-Resolution Headlights.” DLP Automotive Chipset - Headlights |,


Different types of headlights.

  • Incandescent lamps: Use a filament inside the glass which when heated by electricity produce light, these lights are being replaced by more traditional options.

  • Halogen Headlights: Are the most common headlights used today which is just a bulb, but it converted more energy into heat than light which is not practical a lot of waste of energy.

  • High-intensity Discharge (HID): Hid is the most efficient headlight instead of wasting energy on producing heat it produces just light with less energy. It can last up to 10 years.


What are High-intensity Discharge (HID) lights made 

“In these headlights, a mixture of rare metals and gases are heated to produce a bright white glow. These headlights are about two or three times brighter than halogen headlights and can be very annoying to other drivers. They are distinguished by their bright white glow and blue-tinged outline. These headlights are much more energy-efficient, and have brighter output while drawing less energy. The HID headlights draw about 35 watts of power, while halogens and the old incandescents draw about 55 watts. The HID headlights are more expensive to produce though, so are mainly seen on high-end vehicles.”



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